Convergence Partners briefed a design for their running shirts for the 2017 JP Morgan challenge. For a lot of employees competing in their first 5+ km run is an achievement so we figured it made sense to design an emblem that commemorates the event for them. Turnaround time was tight so cue the 3 hour, coffee shop challenge.
First up, a few quick sketches from my favourite spot, the window shelf at Yield, a coffee shop in Linden. Eventually narrowing them down and drawing up a clearer pencil draft. Roughly 1 hour.
A quick photo and Airdrop later and we take it to Adobe Illustrator using the baby Wacom Intuos Draw. Two colours to reduce screen printing costs. Roughly 1,5 hours.
A hasty PSD mockup for client approval and it's a go. 10 minutes. 20 minutes ahead of schedule :)
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